Indigo in Belgium manages 56 580 parking spaces in Belgium. Its experience and expertise in both off- and on-street parking management places the company among the market leaders. Our business is strong and based on very long-term contracts in Belgium.

We provide high quality services. Our teams are present on our sites in order to get a better understanding of local factors. One of our main priorities is to constantly meet our clients’ new expectations. Thanks to our proactive commercial attitude and our dynamic and professional welcome, we convince customers of the quality of our products and strengthen the trust they place in Indigo in Belgium.Offering innovative services is one of our great strengths. We are committed to offering users more than just a place to park their cars. We now provide numerous modern tools in our car parks to simplify users’ experience, such as number plate recognition, a mobile app, a reservation service, radio broadcasts and ambient perfume diffusers.

Other services are also available such as loans of umbrellas, bicycles and children’s pushchairs in our Belgian car parks.Indigo in Belgium builds a strong relationship based on trust with subscribers and provides them premium offers, such as free tickets to cultural and sporting events to reward their loyalty.Indigo also works in partnership with a number of cultural and sporting organisations. In Antwerp, for instance, we are involved in preparing the AMUZ festival of polyphonic music.