More than 160 towns and cities in France place their trust in Indigo to run their off-street and on-street parking, whether franchised, leased or operated under a service provider agreement. In total, the company is responsible for almost 475 000 parking spaces spread over more than 600 sites. Indigo is a French group and its head office is based in La Défense, one of Europe’s biggest business centres.

In France, Indigo offers tailor-made solutions to all of its upstream clients: regional authorities, culture, leisure and tourism sites, hospitals, shopping centres, airports and train stations, and takes pride in offering welcoming, clean and secure facilities throughout its network.Based on the assumption that parking fines will be decriminalised by 2018, Indigo offers French local authorities solutions that incorporate the whole on-street parking chain while guaranteeing the traceability of operations and effective monitoring technology.A truly innovative company, Indigo in France identifies, develops and exports a wide range of solutions that help improve the flow of urban traffic and improve individual mobility.

In addition to providing a simplified and customised parking offer, Indigo enhances the customer’s parking experience by reconsidering his or her journey. Users get more out of their city or destination whenThe majority of our pilot solutions — operating tools, price offers, management tools — are developed in France. These solutions go on to shape car parks in France and around the world. Thanks to these innovations, car parks have become more than just a place to leave your car. We see our car parks as places in which people can meet and get information. Our car parks are connected to their environment and their host city, like the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie car park in Paris that provides geo-location based guidance through the Park Indigo application and mobility services that are adapted to the site’s needs.