Indigo has been established in Luxembourg since 1979 and currently offers local authorities parking solutions tailored to meet local conditions while ensuring customers the highest quality of service. Our core business is the delivery of urban mobility services and car park management. It comprises the two majors sectors of mobility :

On-street, Indigo is the industry leader for Luxembourg through the management and maintenance of 2 100 pay-on-foot machines, representing 50 000 spaces, located in 15 towns and cities. Users may choose from a variety of ways to pay using cash, Visa, Mastercard or V-Pay at almost all Indigo on-street locations in Luxembourg.

Off-street, through the management of 22 car parks providing 11 000 spaces for local authorities, city councils and private-sector customers. The majority of our operations are in the capital’s downtown area, where there are 14 sites, most of which are open 24/7, including city-centre and concert venue car parks. The nine other car parks are spread out over two towns: Esch-Sur-Alzette (5 car parks including one shopping centre and one at the university) and Differdange (3 car parks including a sports centre).

All current contracts comprise maintenance, technical operation, cash collection, employees on duty and customer service. Rounding out its service offer and optimising the running of its car parks, Indigo implemented the Luxembourg Centre for Remote Operations and Assistance in July 2015. This service makes the remote management of our car parks possible and allows us to deliver an optimal customer service responding round the clock. Currently, eight of our car parks are partially or fully distance-run, to fully support the teams on site. An additional 15 car parks are scheduled to be equipped with this system by 2017.

Indigo now has the benefit of multiple partnerships with local authorities and urban mobility players. It intends to strengthen and retain its position as market leader on the car parking sector in Luxembourg by constantly maintaining and improving the quality of its services.